L’Alcazar Paris

Radio privée pour l’Alcazar, un restaurant trendy et de luxe à Paris.

An art of living filled with culture, fine dining and parisian elegance.



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The Alcazar: the concept of a great Parisian venue transformed into a restaurant with a new atmosphere, under the management of Fabrice Gilberdy, the new Prince of Parisian night life! This party planner transformed the famous Parisian restaurant, well-known for chic, party-like events in 2015. Our dual expertise with Michelin-starred restaurants and nightlife sector, helped us to create a bespoke, ever-changing radio station for the Alcazar, the temple of Parisian nights, where you can find a diverse and cultivated fauna, all in a tropical setting.


A new breath · A new breath · A new breath ·

Alcazar Paris belongs to the D&D London group, one of Europe's largest groups of fashionable luxury restaurants.

In the heart of Paris, in St Germain des Près, the Alcazar provides a totally fresh style of absolute elegance, with the look of a true tropical garden, designed by Laura Gonzalez, the iconic architect of the capital’s best venues.Our dual expertise in bistronomy and the nightlife sector enabled us to breathe new life into the Alcazar.

We drew inspiration from the history of this iconic cabaret and its flowery décor, like an urban jungle, to design the bespoke radio station for the Alcazar

Alongside Alcazar Radio, we have created a Balcony Party programme, available on demand at any time of the day, so that staff can adjust the atmosphere depending on the event.

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