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We love to build links with the visual codes and sound sensations of brands to curate an overall experience

Bespoke Music + Sound-Design · Bespoke Music + Sound-Design · Bespoke Music + Sound-Design ·


Artistic direction is our business, we never use algorithms, instead we place humans at the heart of our design.


As defenders of the new emerging French scene and independent design and trend-setters, we also travel back in time to find forgotten or timeless tracks, to design your unique and singular musical landscape


A perfectly personalised soundtrack supports the design of the living areas, retail spaces, collection styles or food. We design scenarios to make people feel happier, more confident or more relaxed, in the space of an unforgettable moment, an emotion that people will want to repeat or share.

Sound Identity
Audio branding
Music Marketing

Sound Design is now an integral part of branding strategy. Music enables us to build an emotional connection between your brand and your customers, but it also creates unforgettable moments. It helps leave a mark on your customer areas and transform experience into a universal language.


Our sound design immerses itself in your DNA to envision its future form. Our starting point is your brand: We dive deep into its history and values to develop a coherent sound system across all your communication media.

Technology · Technology · Technology ·

In-store radios — Retail


As a true expert in retail networks in the luxury sector, we support you as you deploy your sales points in France and abroad. We design private, personalised and curated radio stations tailored to the daily events and seasonal highlights.


As a specialist and pioneer in streaming radio stations, our technical team deploys digital technologies tailored to your needs. We have technical partners in every continent and particularly in Dakar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vancouver.


Very quickly, our environmental conscience led us to develop and select low-energy solutions certified under the Green IT label. Thanks to this experience, we have always stayed one step ahead by broadcasting across several innovative, reliable and high-quality media.

Personalised UX/UI platforms / Event playlists

We develop and design your platform in your image to reinforce your identity. And curate playlists for your showrooms and events.

Sound System

Depending on the layout and the acoustics of the location, the same track can be experienced differently. Indeed, sound and acoustics are paramount. We operate in conjunction with the architects/interior decorators and our partners when selecting the sound system. By assessing the site, we can improve the sound dimension to provide synesthetic and multi-sensory experiences and so help people immerse themselves in your brand, transporting them as they pass through your different retail areas.

Music & sound production

Sound signatures, private radio stations, musical compositions for Podcasts, social media, DJ bookings, fashion show soundtracks, immersive sound installations, copyright clearance and licensing, we have supported our clients for more than 20 years across all aspects of sound and music.

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