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O+CO sound-design is a sound production studio that combines creativity, innovation and strategy.

After working for more than 20 years alongside designers from the fashion world and elsewhere, we have developed a creative, designer and offbeat spirit: Stylistically distinctive, elegant, simple or theatrical: this gives us plenty of scope to develop the history of the venues, outlets and brands.

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We weave links with the brand’s visual codes and sound perceptions to curate an overall experience. This system of connections is always backed up with guidelines and a strategic assessment on the brand's identity and its codes, to develop its musical landscape as accurately as possible.

Above all, in our determination to merge music, images and the senses, we love sharing and disseminating these experiences with the help of reliable and high-performance musical solutions.

We are explorers in search of the perfect sound and vibrations that reveal the beauty of the moment and thus bring people together.

We are purveyors of records, culture, memory, with one foot in the future, we use music, as a universal medium to… reveal the sensitive world and transcend the moment.

We are convinced that imagination alone is not enough to develop a musical style. Instead, we insist on visiting the location to soak up the atmosphere. In this way, we can intuitively understand it. And from there, create the sound design.

This creative approach to musical design, combined with developing innovative apps, has led us to design musical solutions for many clients such as ….

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